Cliff Gardner

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fun things about Pacific

I went to Pacific today to visit with Sam Mathies, the director of forensics. He's really a great guy and one of the few people I've ever met who manages to be thoroughly friendly and classy at the same time. Anyway, when I accepted the Assistant Director job I was under the impression that the team didn't have a squad room, a.k.a. a place they could call their own to practice. I'm discovering that there are a lot of things that I just took for granted at Willamette that most other schools lack, a big one being a squad room. Luckily, though, Sam told me that we're getting a squad room this year, except it's more like the first floor of the old library, all to ourselves! This will make things much easier. Another bonus he told me about was the fact that I'll be getting my very own office! I know it's silly, but that really made me happy. Add to that the Northwest Coaches Conference that I'll be going to in September and I'm just knee-deep in adulthood! Now if only I could dress myself in the morning without putting my pants on backwards.... :-)


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