Cliff Gardner

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camp 50 Update!

Camp 50 is 80% over and going really well. I've discovered that if you fill your camp with awesome people, it pretty much runs itself. I invited all my really good friends in Peace Corps to come and work as teachers or "team leaders" and the fact that I try and surround myself with smart, funny folks really has paid off. I'm really busy pretty much all day, and I can't be everywhere at once, but because all the PCV's are great, that hasn't mattered.

Today, for example, I had to run some people across town to the train-ticket office so they could get their tickets home from camp, and we got back about 20 minutes late, only to find that the kids had eaten their snack and were playing Ultimate Frisbee with 6 PCV's during their free time before their next lesson. Later, I was a little late getting back from buying materials for the relay-race activity, only to find Dana and Ravi (two team leaders) organizing a human-knot team-building activity. Needless you say, I love having such awesome friends.

Tomorrow is beach day when, after a day of lessons, we'll be going to the beach and building sand castles. BEST SUMMER CAMP EVER! I love and miss you all.


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