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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Straight out of Fight Club

I'm in Kiev doing some final close-of-service medical appointments for a few days, and yesterday I got a call from my regional manager. He told me that there was a huge gas explosion in my landlord's apartment building, one floor below where he and his wife live. Sadly, one person was killed. That also means that my landlord will be moving into my apartment for the last month of my service, and I'll be moving...someplace. Right now it's looking like I'll either stay with the family of one of my 10A students, Sasha, or in a hotel. Still, I'm only here for about a month more, so it won't be too bad. It's just a shame that my great luck with apartments had to end so close to my being done here, and in such a sad and horrific way. See you soon!


  • That is awful! I hope that everything is okay though and I am glad that you are taking it in stride. Good luck in your last month and I hope that all else is well in Ukraine and your site!

    By Anonymous Molly, at 6:42 PM  

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