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Friday, January 09, 2009

First Class

I'm just finishing up an east-coast visit to see Jessica--we fly back to Portland tomorrow, yay! On my way out here, though, I was flying from Portlant to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Boston. I got to the PDX airport at 6 pm--I was on the red-eye--only to find out that my flight from Atlanta to Boston the next day was cancelled, so they put me on another series of flights for the next day. That meant that I had to spend the night at the Portland airport since I couldn't get there the next morning in time to make my flight because the trains don't run that early. It was largely uneventful since I took one of those 5-hour energy drinks which didn't make me "wired" as much as it prevented me from closing my eyes for 12 hours. I de-linted my sweater and read Team of Rivals all night. Fun times.

Anyway, the next day, they put me in first class to Atlanta to make up for bumping me the day before, which was ok. I wasn't that impressed, honestly. The food was better and the bathrooms were nicer, and mostly what struck me the most was that the rules just don't apply to you in first class--I stood up whenever I wanted to and didn't buckle my seatbelt EVER. The movies were free too, which was good. I watched the new Batman movie again and I'll say this--Heath Ledger is TERRIFYING when you haven't slept in 36 hours.

The only other thing worth mentioning was who was in the seat next to me--a woman with an 9-month-old-baby whom she nursed 7 times in the 5 hour flight. She also pierced the baby's ears, which I'm not a fan of. If you're still nursing, I think it's probably too early to subject your child an unnecessary piercing. Anyway, the second I saw Jess in Boston I told her that I accidentally cheated on her, again. Between this, the strip club that I, hand-to-God, ACCIDENTALLY walked into the other day, and the beaches of Ochakiv, that's three seperate occasions that I've seen boobs in the last six months that weren't hers. I still feel slighly guilty.


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