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Friday, March 05, 2010


It's been too long, internet. My last update was almost four months ago. Seriously, how is that even possible? Anyway, here's what's happened in my life since then:

--Jessica and I got ENGAGED. It's worth mentioning that in addition to being the most meaningful and awesome relationship in my life, it is now the longest. So, yeah. When people ask about when we're getting married, my answer is "whenever Jess agrees to Vegas." I'm 49% serious about this. The things I hate most in the world are, in order: cross-eyed children, parades, and things that are really about other people but pretend to be about you (graduations and weddings are the biggest two examples, though I suppose funerals also count). We'll see. Maybe next Summer. The lesson, as always--take relationship advice from Beyonce Knowles.

--I applied for and was accepted to be a trainer at the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum in Zeeland, The Netherlands. This means I get to participate in the most intense, awesome and important debate camp in the World. It also means I get to go to the Netherlands for basically nothing this Summer. Yay, debate! To review, this will be the fifth country I will have traveled to for debate. Nerds win.

--Graduate school is awesome. I love teaching, I'm learning a lot from and have developed good relationships with a lot of brilliant faculty members, and I'm finding more and more ways to make meaningful contributions to the speech and debate team.

--David and I went to see the Blazers-Clippers game in LA, and I'm planning on going to one more in LA next month! For the record: LOVE the Camby trade. GO BLAZERS!

--I have a gym membership and I'm working out 4-5 days a week now. Yay for being (sort of) healthy.

I promise to post more often! Hugs!


  • Congrats on the engagement. I heartily endorse Vegas. Or, for a more intimate experience, Reno. :) Been too long, Tom. Glad to know things are going well.

    By Blogger Zayne, at 5:52 PM  

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