Cliff Gardner

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry I haven't updated in a while--I've been busy working and lining up stuff for Long Beach. Jessica and I are moving down there in a few weeks and we're super excited. If you want more of my awesome, swinging hilarity, please check out my basketball-related posts on I'm "T-Mac" in the twitter feed, also.

Here's my post about why the Raptors can suck it, here's my long winded and angry rant at Blazer GM Kevin Pritchard, here's my 2009 Draft Day Quiz, here's my 2009 Playoff Awards, and my first collumn about the Orlando Magic fast break. My collumns go up every Tuesday, so if you like basketball and my sense of humor, check it out. My collumn tomorrow is really funny.


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