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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Familiar

I'm finally settling in at the old McCloskey homestead. It's amazing how quickly I've fallen into a routine:

9:50 am: Wake up, grab soda, head back for my bedroom containing my bed and tv.
10:00 am--12:00 pm: Watch two episodes of "ER" on TNT. Hey, if I haven't seen it, it's new to me!
12:04 pm: Run 2.5 miles.
12:45 pm: Eat lunch consisting of ham and cheese, doritos and a soda.
1:30 pm: Shower, get dressed, make the rounds online.
2:30--5:00 pm: Do something productive. Today I registered for the October LSAT and the LSDAS. Tomorrow I'm meeting with a student and will hopefully look for a job. Thursday I'll continue said job search, start my personal statement and decide whom I will ask for letters of recommendation.
5:00--7:30 pm: Watch the Braves game. If they're not playing, I cry and stare out the window for a few hours.
8:00--11:00 pm: Eat dinner, watch television. Tonight it's "Tommy Lee Goes to College," woooo!
11:00 pm--1:00 am: Make the rounds online, talk to friends on AIM.
1:05 am: Get ready for bed, sleep.

A lot of this will change when I get a second job, but for now, I'm ok.


  • this is sad, yet i wish i could have a life like this, if only for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow I am waking up at 7 to go over to a radio station to see my good friends in Omnisoul. Then I have to run around town all day with my mom and pack. Yeah, expect me to fall into that routine maybe next winter break, like winter break '06.

    By Blogger Miss B, at 8:35 PM  

  • This is a great schedule.

    I wake up at 8:00, shower then breakfast at 8:45, go to the library at 9:00, class at 9:30, lunch break at 12:00, class again at 12:30, nap after class at 4:00 for one hour, then eat dinner at 5:00, then study from 5:15-9:00, call Sean at 9:00, then more reading at 10:00-howeverlongittakes. Then sleep. It should get better next week when I don't have orientation all day. But yeah. Want to trade?

    By Blogger Marie Ann, at 1:17 PM  

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