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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Spare some change? PART TWO!

So, I've been saving my change for a while now--just throwing it into an old tea container every day when I get home. A few days ago I counted it all up and I had over 100 Griven in change! Back home I would just taken it to a bank and they would have given me bills, but given the lack of change that most stores over here tend to suffer from, I thought there might be a better solution. So, yesterday I took my change to the nice ladies who work at the store across the street, and they were really excited--it was like I was doing them a favor, and they were so happy that they gave me bills without even counting the change I gave them. I guess I have a trustworthy face. Anyway, I'm supposed to come back today to pick up my tea container. I'm hoping this will eliminate the need for them to give customers candy instead of change for a while! Classes started back up again and things are really great, except for the fact that I've decided to stop drinking Coke/Pepsi...cold turkey...and my head is pounding. Hope all is well with you all! :-)


  • Cold turkey huh? You will only shake from withdrawls for a couple days. The first day is the worst...I have been told. I can't get past the first day with my Cherry Coke addiction...I always cave and grab a bottle on my way home from work. A reward for myself for making it through a day of work with out my pop!!!

    Good Luck!

    By Blogger Kourtney, at 7:34 AM  

  • Quitting caffeine cold turkey!??! Talk to me sometime...been there done that. I support you, though!

    By Blogger Natascha Nugget, at 5:13 PM  

  • Taking your change to the store to help them out - shows how thoughtful you are.

    Not drinking soda - shows how sadistic you are.

    By Blogger magic, and with love from Sam,, at 7:58 AM  

  • Some one said today that they wondered when the US was going to do away with chage. To that I replied "Well you know, some places are so short on change that they make people buy more candy!" Thanks for the random trivia :)

    By Blogger Kourtney, at 5:24 PM  

  • Yeah, Big T...I quit Pepsi for four weeks and then school started.... I lasted 5 days.

    Come back and be my assistant...k?


    By Anonymous Rob, at 10:04 AM  

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