Cliff Gardner

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've made friends with two Ukrainian men named Dima and Sasha who live in my town. They're really awesome folks who are trying to learn English. Since I'm trying to learn Russian, it works out nicely. We've gone to the beach after work a few times and yesterday they took me to a basketball court and we played for a few hours. I think a few things about the basketball court situation in my town need to be said--well, mostly just one thing--the courts are terrible! The rims are slightly to severely bent, there's trash and graffiti on everything, and there are giant crater-sized potholes all over the court, so driving the lane isn't really possible. Consequently, given those conditions and the 3-point line that's only six inches back from the top of the key, shooting is basically the only thing that matters (since driving means falling in a hole, literally). Since shooting is really the only thing I do well, Sasha and Dima have a very inflated opinion of my basketball skills after I beat them both at the same time 25-9. Oh, and we're teaching each other how to trash talk on the court in our respective languages, which is always fun. I love my job!


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