Cliff Gardner

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bizarro world

This evening I hung out with some really awesome old friends Emily and Kristen. You know how you won't see some folks for months and then when you see them again it's like you were never apart? Yea, that's the way I feel whenever I'm around these folks. Good friends are one of the truly great things in life.

So anyway, we went to Shari's, the only place within 30 miles of Fo Gro that's open all night. I remembered Shari's as a decent but not remarkable restaurant. It was our old hang out in high school, but believe me when I say that a TON had changed since I had been there last. The entire place had been remodeled and some of the new additions included a breakfast bar and wireless internet access. It was like that scene in "Demolition Man" when Sylvester Stallone is blown away when he goes to Taco Bell expecting fast food and finds that over the last few years it became an extremely classy establishment.


  • I love that we both went home and posted about this evening. I hate that you beat me ;o)

    By Anonymous kristen, at 11:15 PM  

  • I love that you used "Demolition Man" to complete your simile. 10 points.

    By Anonymous Zayne, at 10:49 AM  

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