Cliff Gardner

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back and better than ever!

I'm going to be coaching for Pacific University again while serving as the Assistant Director of Forensics for the rest of the season! Yay! This is great for about 400 reasons and I'm super excited about it. However, this does create a little wrinkle in that I had already committed to judging at some tournaments for Willamette. For example, this weekend at Western Washington, I'll be judging all the debate rounds for Willamette and all speech rounds for Pacific. The madness continues:

Traveling with: Willamette.

Staying with: Pacific.

Breakfast: Pacific.

Dinner: Willamette.

Don't even get me started on which team I'll be hanging out with in between rounds. I'll hopefully have enough ballots that I won't have much time for those somewhat awkard exchanges. In somewhat related news, I'm just about finished with my last bit of grad school stuff so I should know where I'm going soon. OH, and the Blazers are going to kick the crap out of the Bobcats tonight. Just FYI.


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