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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jesus is my homeboy!

My super good friends David and Kristen are getting married next summer, and they recently asked my other totally awesome buddy Zayne and I to be the masters of ceremonies at the event. In order to do so, however, Zayne and I need to be certified to some degree. Enter the Universal Life Church. Yesterday, I became an official, legally ordained reverend in about two minutes online. This allows me to:

--Administer last rights (I'm sure that'll come in handy)
--Absolve myself and others of sins (Confession is for suckers)
--Preside over weddings and funerals (See above)
--Start my own church (Read: cult)

I'm starting to think it's less and less likely that I'll ever be able to run for political office because of my blogging. Oh well.


  • who needs politics anyways, join the spiritual revolution! (this coming from a girl with a major that is 1/3 poly sci...)

    By Blogger Miss B, at 10:24 PM  

  • Yay! Thanks Tom!

    By Anonymous kristen, at 11:11 AM  

  • I find your beliefs fascinating and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.....

    Bonus points for catching the referrence.

    By Anonymous Alan, at 1:46 PM  

  • Hey, so if we set up churches and link them by blog, we can call them "satellite congregations," right? Double the offerings!!

    I think we should have a 15%'s only fair, adjusting for inflation, right?

    By Anonymous zayne, at 5:10 PM  

  • Does this mean you can preside over our wedding? That'd be kinda weird...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:49 PM  

  • Regardless of your cult-like leanings--or maybe because of them, since I share them--I'd vote for you in any election.

    By Anonymous Christine, at 9:23 PM  

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