Cliff Gardner

Monday, March 20, 2006

NPTE all up in your grill

I judged at NPTE last weekend. The highlights include:

--Talking to cool friends whom I mostly know through blogging in real life. Marie, Ian and Caroline are total rockstars!

--Sean and Sam drop in the fourth elimination round, earning 8th in the country. GO WILLAMETTE!

--Sara points out that she’s proud to be an American, and in response, Cait takes off her shirt.

--Rob and I are given the title of “highly preferred” critics. Congratulations?

--Lilia and Kevin impress me once again, and I try hard to embarrass an ambitious documentary filmmaker.

--Emily “I’m too busy running for student government to update my blog” McLain and I party at her house with 50 other debaters and a hodge-podge of other U of O folks.

--I judge rounds with other cool people who turn out to be freaking rad, like Jenny Corum, Emily Cram and Avi Zevin. Life is great!


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