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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Last night I went to one of David's film school classes. The highlights include:

--pretty much everyone in his 25 person class being a badass. You would expect that when thousands apply every year and only 25 get in. Still, though, they're all pretty cool, which explains why David is willing to basically live his life like an ER doctor for two years. By that I mean that he might get a call right now, on his day off, demanding that he come into school and work for 20 straight hours. This wouldn't be at all uncommon and has happened repeatedly before. Still, when surrounded by cool folks, that sort of instability would suck a lot less.

--me sitting through a fairly esoteric but awesome lecture on camera angles. It was like my awesome explanation of counterplans--to debate newbies, it would be a very helpful goldmine, but to folks who aren't debaters, it wouldn't really matter.

--me realizing that the university center at Florida State is literally surrounding the football stadium. Seriously, the communications classrooms, the film school, and the university center where students pick up mail, discuss class schedules with the registrar and where the President's office is, are all build in the same very big structure that surrounds the football stadium. When we snuck in to look at the field, I was impressed--it was really amazing.

--me watching a short film called "Six Shooter" that was really funny and depressing with Sophia, one of David's really awesome classmates.

I think the plan for today is to lay around for a while and then go to some diners so David can do research for a screenplay he's writing. In short--just what I had in mind. This trip is awesome!


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