Cliff Gardner

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let’s compare things, volume two

Continued from here.

This edition is: Kanye West vs. The Hubble Telescope

Round One: Contribution(s) to society

Kanye: Indicting race and class problems in America through powerful and clever music

Hubble: Staring into space like a stoned infant

Winner: Kanye

Round Two: Relationship to the sky

Kanye: 'Fore the day he dies, he’s gonna touch the sky

Hubble: Looks all the hell over exploring like a mechanical Lewis and Clark

Winner: Hubble

Round Three: Intelligence

Kanye: You know how many classes he took, extra classes, extra classes?!

Hubble: Not actually capable of a sentient thought, but named after a really smart dead guy

Winner: Draw

Round Four: Position on shiny things

Kanye: Take your diamonds and throw 'em up like you bulimic

Hubble: Covered in glass, metal and tin foil, an epileptic nightmare

Winner: Kanye

Your winner, on a 2-1 decision, KANYE WEST!


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