Cliff Gardner

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That Would Rock: Volume Four

Everyone should have at least one move from the acclaimed video game “Street Fighter.” Maybe this hypo will help you all get your mind around why this is awesome:

Let’s say you decide to eat at a nice little sandwich shop called “Phil’s 1500 Subs” in some anonymous small town. You’re looking forward to enjoying their classic meatball when you see a sign on their door that reads “Sorry, we don’t take plastic.” Without your special power you would probably swear a lot, get back in your car and go make yourself some easy mac, but not today! Today you’re feel like you’ve got a little Colonial Guile in you, so you mosey on into the store, walk right up to the counter, and while flinging your arm forward you yell, “SONIC BOOM,” shattering the register and the sneeze guard. And then you go home and make yourself some easy mac anyway. And it tastes good. End hypo.

I’m just saying, THAT WOULD ROCK!


  • That would rock. I never have cash. And Phil's is good. comment on another post and flout all convention...

    At least your suture was done the right way. Mine was on my leg and closed in a way that tore it open when ever I moved my leg. Awesome.

    By Anonymous zayne, at 8:48 PM  

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