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Friday, December 30, 2005

525,600 minutes

2005 has been a really great year. So much so that I’ve decided to chronicle the entire thing on my blog:

January: a pretty boring month all around. It’s cold.

February 4th: I turn 22. In other news, the Point Loma tournament kicks ass.

February 9th: Sean and I receive a second round bid to the NPTE but upon realizing that we can’t attend the tournament, we decide to attend the Truman “Free” Tournament instead.

February 16th: I decide to become a lawyer. Having my picture on the back of a phone book becomes too much of a temptation to pass up.

February 20th: Sean and I win the WSCA tournament. Well, sort of.

February 27th: After a really fun weekend at the Hatfield tournament, I qualify impromptu to nationals. Rob Layne proves why he's such a good coach.

March 7th: Sean and I get to finals at the Truman tournament before forfeiting the final round so we can make our flight. Hey, we wanted some peanuts.

March 8th: Mandy wins her student government election. Congratulations?!

March 22nd: Matt Harms, Ryan Walsh and Sean Powers all demonstrate why they are three of the best debaters in the country, and I try hard to keep up. NPDA nationals is a really fun tournament!

April 3rd: I talk about porn in an academic setting.

April 27th: Mandy turns 21!

May 14th: I graduate from college.

May 31st: I am hired as the Assistant Director of Forensics for Pacific University!

June-August: I work at summer conferences and try not to throw myself out of a window. In happier news, I participate in Online Onslaught!

August 12th: I move over to Cliff Gardner. Booya!

October 15th: Mandy and I celebrate our three-year anniversary!

November—December: I blog a lot, apply to a bunch of law schools, get really excited about the Baha’i Faith , and have a great time


  • I'll be honest, the fact that I was linked in one of those posts as "friend" totally warmed my heart.

    By Blogger Darryl, at 11:00 PM  

  • I got in a conversation with a former debater a few weeks back and we were talking about the highlights of our careers. Many people I know feel like they got "hosed" in their final round, which sucks because it means they exited their career on a sour note.

    But I'm lucky in that the round against the two of you at Nats was hands down one of the best two rounds of my career, and I will always look back fondly on my "last round." You two were (and are) a class act.

    Happy New Years!

    By Blogger Matt, at 5:15 PM  

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