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Saturday, April 15, 2006

AshAttack is just waiting to make fun of me over this one

At NPDA, my friend Bridget and I judged a double-octo-final round together and got to chatting and I remembered why she is such a rockstar. At one point during our hilarious and helpful conversation, she suggested that I try online dating. Although I didn’t take her suggestion seriously at the time, the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t think of a good reason not to at least check it out. Tonight I did, through the popular site, Here’s what I learned though my “compatibility reports” the site spitted out:

--I'll “be most fulfilled by the kind of woman who believes sex is an important part of a great relationship - but not the only part. She is looking for physical chemistry with a man, the kind of spark that comes from genuine romantic attraction. However, she also appreciates that there is more to a ‘real relationship’ than sex.” So you're telling me that I should date Annie Hall? Good to know, thanks eHarmony.

--I “may be rather emotional; that is, one will generally know how you are feeling, whether good or bad, because you let others know your moods easily.” Fair enough, I’m already planning on crying during the West Wing tomorrow.

--I am “a dependable and caring partner.” Aww, thanks eHarmony! Way to take my answers to questions and tell me what I think of myself in the form of a really sweet compliment!

The site also produced five “matches” in the Portland area who, I’m told, would love to meet me. However, in order to contact them, it will cost me $60. Now that's just cruel.


  • Some thoughts:

    How many people are there in Portland?

    I'm just kidding. I'm sure you are a "dependable and caring partner."

    At the very least, you made a kick-ass Annie Hall reference. You've got that going for you!

    How is a "real relationship" different from a real relationship?

    By Blogger Haylie, at 12:43 AM  

  • ...silence...restraint...

    By Blogger Ashley, at 12:54 AM  

  • If I gather the $60 from your friends and fans, will you pursue this?

    By Blogger magic, and with love from Sam,, at 12:05 PM  

  • It really might not be a bad idea -- if you met a couple of randome girls it would cost you at least $30.00 per dinner...

    It is hard to meet people once you are out of school -- everyone else seems to have lives etc... my single friends tell me this all the time. The sad thing is that they aren't matches for one another.

    By Blogger Inside the Philosophy Factory, at 12:06 PM  

  • If you've got a little cash, why not? The site is safe and genuine. You could meet interesting people, exchange stories and if a second date works... Cool. Meeting new people with new and different perspectives on life is always fun (and if they are the opposite sex, all the better!)

    By Anonymous elizabeth, at 10:37 PM  

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