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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

McDreamy is a terrible person!

If you haven’t seen season two of Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading this post now.

I don’t understand how people can like Patrick Dempsey’s character Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy. Mostly, my dislike of McDreamy stems from my affection for his wife, Addison. Now, I should say that I’m not excusing her infidelity, although after seeing how he treated her last season, Lord knows Derek gave her plenty of reasons to cheat on him. Still, cheating is cheating, and if McDreamy wanted to end it he would be totally justified. But he’s not ending it—what he’s doing to her is much, much crueler.

What guys like McDreamy do to women like Addison drives me absolutely crazy. On his good days he is emotionally distant and when he’s in a bad mood because the intern he’s throwing himself at decides to date a really nice veterinarian, he takes it out on Addison. She’s been nothing but loving, supportive and committed to making their relationship work against the odds, and he has been, by and large, the exact opposite. Derek Shepherd is a selfish, cocky jackass who walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement that makes me think he would be a better fit for the newest cast of “The OC” than a surgeon in a Seattle hospital.


  • I TOTALLY AGREE. I hate McDreamy. He gets love because he's really hot and because the show stuffs it in our face that we're supposed to root for Mere and Derek to be together, soulmate style. They had some good moments in season 1, but in season 2 we see the whole, WIFE-FILLED picture, and that's as it should be. Season 2 McDreamy does nothing but throw tantrums while the two women in his life try to clean up their shattered psyches, and for all I care, Addison can get back with Mark and Mere can jump the vet's bones all day, because he's fantastic. That's why I hated the finale so much. I was like, STOP MERE! STOOOOP!

    thanks for letting me rant.

    By Anonymous andrea, at 5:51 AM  

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  • I have to disagree with both of you. I feel for the guy. Obviously what his wife did ***ed him up. She comes back in what, season 2? He tries to do the right thing and mend his marriage. But it's obvious how he really feels--as much as he might want to put his own house in order, he knows he feels stronger for Meredith than for Addison. That, and he most definitely isn't over what she did to him in the first place. Those feelings manifest themselves.

    What happened in the finale is inexcuseable, as are the events leading up to it. I don't condone infidelity, period. He should have just been straight up with his wife in the first place since it became clear that things weren't going to work out.

    But I do believe he wanted them to. And that's what all of this really comes down to: Shepard's an indecisive person. He doesn't intend to hurt Meredith or Addison--why would he? The problem is that he cares for both of them. His actions don't come from any sort of animus or disregard for the feelings of others. Pity the guy; don't hate him. :o)

    I know way more about this show than I actually should...

    By Blogger Your Friendly Neighborhood Clark Bar, at 9:26 AM  

  • On a completely similar but different note... my friend Chad is working for the summer at the VA hospital in LA- and he is on the floor that they film the show. He got me in to watch the filming with him and it was KILLER- McDreamy is SO much younger looking in person... and though he was naughty last season... I still lurved him.

    Also- Sandra Oh is kickass. I love her.. she's dry and witty in person.

    By Anonymous bridget, at 11:28 AM  

  • McDreamy is not a terrible person at all. His wife cheated on him with his best friend, he left and she came and found him after he had moved on and had a new life (and was in love with someone else). Then she comes back into his life (quite awhile later) and out of a sense of loyalty to the vows he said he went back with her. But he still loves Meredith.

    Since I have spent my life watching the show let me prove why he isn't terrible from a few scenes. (Don't read if you haven't watched the show) First, when Derrik tells Addison that he still loves Meredith. He isn't lying or being dishonest with her, he told her that he decided to stay with her (vows mean something to McDreamy) but he still loves Meredith. And, Meredith understands this. In another scene she tells Derrik that he wouldn't be himself if he didn't stay with his wife and that by staying with her it proves that she wasn't wrong about him.

    Now, this may be that I am a huge romantic but he doesn't love Addison, he loves Meredith. Addison had her chance and she blew it, I don't care how badly someone treats you cheating is not the way to get attention, try talking or going to therapy. That act of sleeping with his best friend (in his house!) is enough to make someone fall out of love. I believe you should be with who you love which is why he should be with Meredith. He remembers her shampoo smell for goodness sake.

    By Anonymous caroline, at 12:13 PM  

  • YES! And I hate what he is doing to Meredith too. Now, she should be seeing whats going on, granted, but its hard to really SEE that way when your involved, so I'll forgive her a little.

    By Anonymous Kristen, at 1:50 PM  

  • Caroline, I must ask--have you gotten to the season two finale yet? That might change things for you.

    By Blogger T-Mac, at 1:55 PM  

  • I hate what he is doing to Grey, esp in the last ep. However, I think that he was mean to his "wife" b/c she BROKE HIS HEART. He was not like that before he moved away from her. Also, it is b/c deep down he knows that he LOVES grey not his wife but is too weak to do something about it (That I hate him for)

    Also, Grey is just as much to blame for what happened and is going on, I feel. She knows he is "trying to make his marriage work" and she was close to being over it and she allowed herself to be pulled back in.

    I can NOT WAIT until the new season begins :)

    By Blogger Kourtney, at 4:12 PM  

  • So Tommy, let me begin by expressing my agreement for your loathign of Derek but let me contend with your reasons. First, I think Derek is a very likable character but I dislike many aspects of the way he makes his decisions. Yet, the two characters he has to play off of should lead us to believe that he shouldn't be any different. Meredith is broken and troubled to the core. Addison is domineering and also flawed like Meredith. Derek cannot be a good foil for either of them if he is upstanding and bumblingly good hearted. That's why we have George. He is sensitive and goodhearted for the most part but very much confused--a confusion first put in place by Addison's actions. I cannot condone what Derek does at the end of season two because it was just wrong and I really like Meredith paired with Finn (since she can't currently be with George who I ultimately endorse as her match!). Yet, I can understand where he was coming from so I cannot hate him for it. Also, he did ineed make a serious effort to repair his relationship with Addison as previous episodes from the season showed. Also, I do believe he truly loves Addison. Sadly, he loves Meredith too. Season 3 will rock. I can't wait to buy Season 2 on DVD to add to my Season 1 DVD, Grey's Anatomy travel mug, Grey's Anatomy poster, and lifesized poster of Meredith Grey.

    By Anonymous sharl, at 9:08 PM  

  • First, why would anybody want to watch the TV show if they hate McDreamy? Seriously.

    Second, he gets my love because he's trying to do the right thing. His heart clearly clings to Meredith and yet he's trying to be a husband and forgive. That is more than most can say. Many cuckholds just give up and don't even try to forgive.

    I don't blame him for being filled with inappropriate emotion, "you can't control who you love." But he's trying to control it and be a good guy, and for that, he deserves the viewers' love.

    Also, in response to this: "She’s been nothing but loving, supportive and committed to making their relationship work against the odds, and he has been, by and large, the exact opposite" That's not true. She's lying about how much she loved Mark and didn't tell him that she stayed with him in NYC before coming.

    As for the end of season 2, I don't blame them for that. That look he gave her was intense. I would have ran to him after that too :) He loves her. He's trying but not doing so well. At this point, I don't think marriage is a sanrasinct (sp?) trump card. There are issues that need to be worked out by slowly wading thru and figuring out how things work now.

    By Blogger Marie Ann, at 7:16 AM  

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