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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Say my name, say my name

I have many names and nicknames. It’s weird how certain people call you certain things. Rob, Shannon, Elizabeth and Amy all call me by my full name, Thomas McCloskey. Una, Sean and Logan call me Thomas, and Andrew calls Thom. BJ calls me McCloskey. Aside from the obvious names, though, there are some funny one’s that I also go by. Here are some of my favorites:

--T-Mac. I got this name because of my ability to take over a basketball game like Tracy McGrady and for my love of easy-mac. This one caught on at Pacific and it ended up on the team track jackets. Hot.

--T-$. As a joke, I signed some e-mails this when I was at Willamette and Brian still calls me T-$. Whatever works.

--Temporary Boy. This is my superhero name. Liz gave me this one because she refers to me as her “temporary boyfriend” since I’m leaving in a month and we’re not going to try the distance thing. It’s probably the funniest nickname I’ve got but it’s also the saddest.

--Twinkle Toes. Liz gave me this one too after I got a pedicure, complete with clear nail polish that made my nails all shiny, with David and Kristen before their wedding. I like this one a lot.

Of course, I'm always open to new and clever nicknames, so any suggestions you might have would be welcome. :-)

***Edited to remove last name's at Dre's suggestion***


  • Hey Thomas...I just wanted to say, you might want to be careful with how often you use other people's full names on the blog. Every time you do that you're giving them a "free," possibly unwanted Google result, so you might want to to either check with them or just use first names or nicknames.... :)

    By Anonymous andrea, at 6:49 AM  

  • I thought that I was the only one to call you Temporary Boy.

    By Blogger magic, and with love from Sam,, at 11:51 AM  

  • Temporary Boy: he has the power to make things disappear! Eventually…at some unknown point in the future…

    All of your nicknames start with T! I think you need more variety. I think I’ve already contributed more than my share to the list, though, so I won’t submit any new ones. :)

    By Anonymous Liz, at 12:06 PM  

  • Do you know how to say and/or spell your name in Ukrainian yet?

    By Blogger truax, at 2:40 PM  

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