Cliff Gardner

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to telling jokes!

Me: Dayte pajalusta decit yitza. (give me please ten eggs)

Nice lady who works at the store by my apartment: y menya nyet. (I don't have any)

Me: Hmmm...y vas yest kuritza? (do you have chicken?)

NLWWATSBMA: Da, konyetchna. (yes, of course)

Me: Ya ne ponimayu! Yest kuritza no nol yitza? Pochimu? (you have chicken but no eggs? WHY?)

NLWWATSBMA: *laughs hysterically for two minutes*

In unrelated news, the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence happened this weekend. I was the guy waiting for the internet cafe to open at 8 am on Sunday so I could get the results. Yup, I really miss debate!


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