Cliff Gardner

Thursday, December 08, 2005

LSAT gnomes

Do you ever wonder how standardized tests are written? As I was taking the LSAT last weekend, I got to thinking about it. I pictured some dude who looks like a cross between Mary Katherine Gallagher and Bigfoot sitting on a crate in the back room of an Arby's in Omaha, smoking a cigarette with a light bulb swinging back and forth overhead, thinking "hmmm...I think I'll get them to organize my Christmas dinner seating for me. Mark can't sit next to Susanne because he gave her herpes in high school. Charlie will only sit next to Carl because they want to talk about how the Broncos are destined to win it all this year. Mom has to sit at the head of the table because she's an egomaniac. Which of the following is NOT a possible order of seating?” Yup. They're either written like that or by LSAT gnomes who live next to Santa on the North Pole.


  • So what's the deal- have you sent some applications, or were you holding off on everything? (hmmm.) Mandy's sent hers, right?

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 5:44 AM  

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