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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That Would Rock: Volume Six

I don’t claim to be a fashion expert. Frankly, until Mandy cleaned me up and slapped some Old Navy clothes on my back, I was a clothing train wreck. For example, I wore the same Syracuse University sweatshirt and sweatpants every day of the eighth grade, had really long hair in high school and thought wearing socks with sandals was perfectly acceptable. However, in recent years, I’ve seen the light (largely by being Mandy’s only slightly oversized Ken Doll), and have developed what I think is a conservative, but solid, fashion sense.

To that end, let me give the blogging community a bit of fashion advice/a desperate plea: please stop wearing “Ugg Boots.” There’s a reason they’re called “Ugg” boots: they’re UGG-ly. Wearing them over pants, or with a short skirt, or just them and nothing else, simply doesn’t work. They are on the same fashion level as moon boots. It’s not just me saying that, either, it was on “What Not to Wear,” so it’s practically fashion gospel. Everyone should stop wearing them. Now.

I’m just saying, THAT WOULD ROCK!


  • Exactly right, as usual. Two years ago, when they were actually "in" and before Walmart started mass-marketing them, my sisters and I would get together and recount the horrid sightings we'd had. Ugh. UGGGly.

    By Anonymous Christine, at 5:22 PM  

  • Uggs are HORRIBLE! I'd NEVER own a pair!

    You're right. James Patterson is pretty much the coolest author ever. Thanks for the "good luck" wishes!

    PS -- You can wear sandals and socks again when you're an OLD man because that's just funny. Don't tell me you don't laugh at old men who wear that or black socks with shorts :) ...or is that just a Nebraska thing?

    By Anonymous Holli, at 7:52 AM  

  • Matt S coined the phrase 'Alaskan hooker boots' to describe Uggs. I find it debilitatingly appropriate.

    By Anonymous dave, at 7:58 AM  

  • ok, so i have a confession to make. i yes had joined the ranks of the mockers of uggs. until i tried a respectable pair of decent looking ones on. then, i was lost. those things are like walking on clouds. I love them! and i'll have you know that they look like normal boots and are only worn underpants.

    By Blogger Miss B, at 1:38 PM  

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