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Friday, November 04, 2005

Ripped from the reverse!

You know how movies usually get their inspiration from real world events (not the Steven slapping Irene kind but the "hey, another republican got indicted” kind)? Well it seems that the world has finally had enough and has started stealing its ideas from films!

Somehow, "The Man in the Iron Mask" seems much cooler now that there actually is rioting in Paris because of poverty. If only Leonardo Di Caprio was there, we would save them all.

I liked "The English Patient" the first time I saw it, but apparently that guy who tortured William Defoe by cutting off his thumbs moved to Las Vegas and become their mayor. Sounds like somebody has been missing his weekly visits to the legal prostitution rings over the city limits.

IN YOUR FACE, Hollywood!


  • Wow. Mayor Goodman sounds...rustic.

    By Anonymous zayne, at 6:03 PM  

  • HAHA that's funny! Soooo, let me tell you about this test. All of her tests are really freakin hard. But seriuosly this one was outragous. We learned about oxyanion holes in enzymes. We didn't learn a lot, but there's not a lot to it. She read an article the night before the test, and put one of it's discoveries on the test, asking US how he got it, and why this is reasonable, etc. This guy took how long to come up with this research to get these answers and we have less than an hour to come up with the same shit? I'm disgusted...

    By Anonymous Kim, at 6:42 PM  

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