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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another chapter in my feud with cash-only stores

Mandy and I were in the mood for a high quality lunch this afternoon after watching several episodes of "Alias" in a row, so we headed over to Taco Bell. We parked, waiting in line, ordered, and were told that their credit card machine was broken again. Since neither of us had cash, we left and went to McDonalds, where the following exchange took place:

Mandy: I can see that you’re all sorts of pissed, just try to calm down.

Me: AAAAAArrrrgghhhhh! I hate humanity!

Mandy: It’ll be ok sweetie, I’ll get you an ice cream cone.

Me: You know that scene in “Family Guy” where Quagmire swipes his credit card down the ass crack of that stripper? THAT’S how accessible plastic should be.

Mandy: You’re psychotic, but I love you anyway.


  • AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's hilarious!!! Good times for all!

    By Anonymous Kim, at 5:51 PM  

  • Have you been to Europe and tried to do ANYTHING with a card here? I have to carry mucho cash with me all the time or else risk being stranded or something... I think you can buy train tickets and maybe shop at some chain clothing stores, but everything else EVEN GROCERY SHOPPING which people need to live, and restaurants... Cash only as far as I have found. Be thankful that you can use a card in 99% of places in the US. Oh,and also be thankful that you didn't have to switch over to the Euro... stupid weak dollar.

    By Anonymous Melissa, at 5:39 AM  

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