Cliff Gardner

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Computer Miracle...sort of.

By no small miracle, the computer my parents mailed to me got here in one piece and it (mostly) works. The only thing not functioning at the moment is the disc drive, which is a small but crucial part of the laptop since it was "de-fragged" before it was mailed and many key programs are gone. Because I can't use the CD drive, I can't upload (and subsequently use) the software needed for my camera, iTunes, Microsoft Office or, obviously, any movies. That means that the laptop is mostly used to play solitaire and watch the same five episodes of "Lost," which my sister downloaded at some point and somehow managed to survive the great purge. Let me say this--there is probably no show in the universe that is more confusing when watched out of order by someone with no prior history of the show than Lost. I have absolutely no idea what's going on. None. I am, fittingly enough, lost. Anyway, I'm off on another 22 hour train ride tomorrow to visit some friends before making my way towards another Summer camp, so I might not be blogging for a while. Just know that I love and miss you all.