Cliff Gardner

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I feel fine, don't worry

I just got quarantined until March 10th. That's a week and a half of no school. Wow. AND THEN, I only teach for a week before going to London for another week, and then enjoying Spring Break when I get back. On the flip side, I'll be teaching at and hosting Summer Camps for two months. Hope all is well!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting lost in Kiev...I swear it wasn't my fault

So, I visited the dentist today as part of my mid-service medical exams. The hardest part was finding the place, which was across town and involved two (metro and bus) and eventually three (a taxi) forms of transportation. The driver told me that he would announce my stop on the bus when we got there since I had no idea where I was going, but after a while, I asked him if the stop we were at was it, and he said he announced my stop three stops back, meaning that he either didn't announce it at all or did announce it but like the waiter at the Chinese restaurant on Seinfeld, saying "Cartwright" instead of Seinfeld. Anyway, the cleaning was not that big a deal, actually...just a mini-sand-blaster in my mouth (not kidding) that left me bleeding but feeling cleaner than ever...also, they operate by a less-reliable but better for me "does this hurt? No? Ok, no cavities!" method, which was fine by me since I A) have great oral hygiene and don't have cavities and B) never want to go back there again, like I could ever find it.

Also, I've been watching the movie "Shaun of the Dead" a lot lately (and by "a lot" I mean "about a dozen times in the last two weeks") and every time I watch it, I like it more and more. It makes me laugh, cry (it's really dusty in my apartment!) and get scared every time. Any movie that can invoke that many emotions consistently, even one about zombies, is worth renting. Also, it's just really well made. If you haven't seen it, rent it. If you've seen it before, you know what I'm talking about here, so take it off the shelf, dust it off and put it in the DVD player. You'll be glad you did.