Cliff Gardner

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More updates

Sooo....haven't updated in 5 months, but I'm still here. A few key updates:

--Finished my first year of grad school with one more to go. Things are going well. I'm submitting things to conferences/journals, and writing my thesis. All in all, I'm right where I should be.

--The debaters did well at nationals--two teams break at NPDA and one got to quarter-finals, and we had a team in the 3rd elim at NPTE, so a pretty successful run.

--Jessica and I are still happily engaged and I'm wearing her down on the "let's just go to vegas" front.

--My dad died in May. It sucked.

--I went to Holland for the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum, and it was great. Seriously, one of the best debate experiences of my life!

--The Blazers spent their full MLE on Wes Matthews, a sparkplug of a 2nd year player from Utah who's compared to Batum a lot. Love the signing, love that he makes the Jazz worse.

--Our buddies Tim and Megan moved to Florida and we're looking for two fun replacements.