Cliff Gardner

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It smells like DEMOCRACY in here

Teaching tools rock! I got my absentee ballot in the mail today and I plan on using it in class. My advanced students and I will discuss the pros and cons of taxing cigarettes so kids can have health care in my home state, as well as the complexities of zoning and land-use measures and whether or not Forest Grove should have three new police officers at the expense of a property tax. Then, my students will vote, and I will honor their collective choices, fill out my ballot, and mail it back. Three cheers for democracy in action!

Also, I'm kind of sick. I spend all weekend in my apartment--literally I left once, for about and hour, during the entire two days. I drank 7-Up (which Jessica thought was silly and had never heard of I wrong in thinking that you're supposed to drink 7-up when you're sick?!?) and took lots of medication, so hopefully I'll get better soon. Also, the Sox made the world series and won game one, so take that Yankee fans.

Jess and I are going to go adopt a training cluster of new PCV's (believe it or not, we're the experience folks in country now), visit our old host families and head to a Halloween party before going back to my site--in should, good times over Fall Break! Hope all is well with you all

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not missing much!

Though I'm pulling for the Sox, it's looking more and more like an Indians-Rockies World Series, which is perfect because, as my friend Mike put it, this is the best possible year to be away from sports. Between the Cavs/Spurs NBA Finals, the Bears/Colts Superbowl, the Creighton/Pt. Loma NPDA Finals, and now THIS likely World Series?! I'm really glad I was here to avoid all of that. Now all I need is #7 Oregon to have a terrible 2nd half of the year and miss the BCS and I'll have dodged any memorable event.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Petting Zoo

When I walk the mile and a half to and from school every, I pass what amounts to a decent-sized petting zoo that includes cows, chickens, roosters, ducks, male and female goats, cats, and lots of stray dogs. Most of these animals are in front yards and are content to keep to themselves, as am I. You can just call me Doctor Doolittle, because I find myself saying good morning to them every day. Hope all is well!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Day of teachers...don't worry, I didn't get you anything either.

I got more flowers and candy know, because I'm a teacher. Fun times! At my school, the 11th grade students teach classes in place of the teachers, although I wanted to teach my own since they have an exam coming up--this was a fun holiday! :-)